Another presentation

February 28, 2014 - I was just contacted by another university club in New York City. They want me to give a talk about how "Ireland in Word...
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Collector's edition, leather bound! Yay!

February 17, 2014 - Very exciting news on "Ireland in Word and Image." It was chosen by Easton Press ( to be pub...
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February 12, 2014 - Just returned from Patagonia with a lot of photos. The publisher of "Ireland in Word and Image" is interested in doing a...
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Ivy League College Club Dinner and Talk

February 11, 2014 - I've been invited to speak about "Ireland in Word and Image" at one of the clubs for a major university. It's a very nic...
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UNESCO Calendar

February 05, 2014 - I've been asked to do a calendar for UNESCO International. I've been to 16 of their World Heritage Sites, which is plent...
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A new phase in my life

February 02, 2014 - After thirty years of doing nightly medical reports for Eyewitness News in New York, I left Channel 7 WABC-TV yesterday.
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