Discover Ireland With Award Winning Book

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Wouldn't it be wonderful to just take off and visit places all over the world, whenever you wish? This dream is shared by millions of people but unfortunately most cannot even leave their own country. However, thanks to an amazing book, you can go to Ireland any time you like, and see it through the eyes of a well-known NY travel photographer. This may be the next best thing to actually being there.

One of first things you'll see when you open the book is an image of a sheela na gig. She is a most unusual female figure adorning some churches and castles in Ireland and many areas of Europe. What's so unusual about the grotesque figures is, no one seems to know her exact origin and from whence she came.

Some people believe a sheela na gig is meant to bring luck or perhaps scare away evil spirits. These unusual idols were first created in Spain and France around the 11th Century and within the next century were seen all over Europe. Although you may never completely understand them, it's a stark experience to gaze upon the idols and become a part of their history.

The landscape of Ireland is a mixture of greens, and hence the name "Emerald Isle". As you check out the images in the book, you'll be taken to the Irish countryside with its rolling hills, and misty glens, which perfectly blend into the sea. It is a welcoming sight which invites you to discover more.

Perhaps you would like to see an Irish rainbow streaking across the blue-gray sky. Through the mist and fog you can faintly see large hills in the background and the fertile green ground below. Follow the rainbow with your eyes and there could be a pot of gold at the end.

A beautiful book can be your passport to a world you might never have experienced. Open up the book and come inside. You'll discover some amazing things and you might never want to leave.

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