Jay Ben Images, NY Travel Photographer, One Of 40 Authors In New York Union Club Christmas Book Fair

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Jay Ben Images offers a suitable option for Christmas or holiday gift-giving. The Ireland travel book is an award-winning volume with exciting images and text.

PRESS RELEASE: New York City NY, 29-OCTOBER-2015 - Jay Ben Images and Jay Ben Adlersberg, photographer, are pleased to announce that he has been selected for the honor of participating in the New York Union Club Book Fair this Christmas Season. The Union Club is a revered private club, the oldest in New York City and the third oldest in the U. S. The book which is responsible for the honor is "Ireland in Word and Image". NY travel photographer, Jay Ben Adlersberg is the author of the award winning travel book.

In an interview about his selection, Mr. Adlersberg explained, "This is a great honor for me. I feel privileged to be named as one of this exclusive author group. The book is one that I'm very proud of, but the selection came as a complete surprise to me. I'm looking forward to the appearance at the New York Union Club."

As a coffee table book, the travel volume has won a number of awards for the images and the text. For anyone searching for a gift for the upcoming holiday season, a visit to the Book Fair is sure to offer some ideas. Award winning travel books such as Jay Ben Adlersberg's volume make a unique and aesthetically appealing gift choice.

The contents of the Ireland travel volume make it appealing for those who want to know more about the country, its people and its scenery. The volume can be enjoyed just for its visual images or as a descriptive travel book.

Learn more about the Union Club Christmas Book Fair by visiting the web pages at http://www.jaybenimages.com/ today. Members of the press and those who have more questions about the contents of this press notice are invited to contact the photographer at the location given below.

Contact Person Name: Jay Ben Adlersberg

Company Name: Jay Ben Images

Address: 220 East 69th Street, New York NY 10021

Contact Telephone Number: (212) 876-1886 (D and E); (917) 622-4400 (M)

email: info@jaybenimages.com

Website: http://www.jaybenimages.com/


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