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A competition quality print has to meet very specific standards. They are mounted on white Foamex boards that are high density. The boards are completely flat. They must resist moisture, not warp or show surface texture. As the professional NY travel photographer will testify they are well worth the cost.

The prints measure twenty inches by sixteen inches in size. The finish of the paper can be lustre, gloss, metallic or fine art. The time required is up to seventy-two hours. Delivery is by courier service.

Travel photography may be done by amateurs as well as professionals. It involves taking a picture of a land, its people and culture. The professional work is seen in National Geographic magazine. It can be shared on sites on the internet.

Unlike the photography done for advertisements, this genre faces a variety of conditions. The conditions are not always ideal. For example, the light may be insufficient. It may require capturing fleeting moments that happen rarely.

At the amateur level, which often results in very excellent quality photos, this kind of photography is one of the foremost hobbies of today. Everyone who travels wants these memories captured to relive the experience. It is exciting for their friends and relatives who want to share the adventures vicariously.

Equipment can be expensive but cannot be bulky to carry around. Even a camera phone can capture exciting moments in faraway lands. Most tourists are happy to use an inexpensive small, lightweight digital camera. The amateur does not want to try to change lenses in the middle of an African safari. It may prevent him getting the picture he wants to capture by taking too long to change.

Besides, it is taking a risk to travel with a highly expensive camera. Even if it were insured, if stolen, the tourist would lose the pictures he valued so highly. Better to capture memories that will reach home safely at the end of the trip, than to strive for pictures that are of museum quality.

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