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Photography is one of the most favored hobbies and also, a profession. A travel photograph does more than show a landscape. It can show the people and the local culture. A NY Travel Photographer makes his living working for leading magazines, museums and businesses that want to have a display, perhaps an Italian restaurant.

There are also websites that feature landscapes from all over. The individual doing outdoor photos must deal with unexpected weather conditions and waiting for the natural lighting to be best. He is unable to control conditions as a photographer can do indoors.

The landscape genre often means photographing under low light conditions. The exterior walls of famous buildings may appear different depending on the time of day. In extreme situations, the photographer might be exposed to danger if filming during a police standoff or a war.

The markets for selling these scenes vary. A travel agency, a catalog selling real estate, a photo education course, coffee table books, architects and interior designers are just a few on the list. Travel photography was done as early as 1850.

Due to the low cost of taking pictures today, every traveler is an amateur sightseeing photographer. A camera can be inexpensive to buy. There are no developing costs as used to be the case.

Of course travelers could simply purchase postcards. However, most people want to see themselves standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or the Washington Monument. Professionals take the pictures that appear on all the postcards, which is another employment opportunity for them.

Some pictures are always taken at the site of a disaster. These can be an important addition to the history of such horrendous events. Before and after photos of a ship being built, a bridge going up or an old landmark being imploded have an impact on all who see them.

Pictures of famous landmarks are needed to use in sightseeing brochures and books on history. Realtors may use pictures of cities to show to people planning a move to that area. Moving companies may want photos of cities from coast to coast.

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