Jay Ben Images, NY Travel Photographer, Creates Beautiful Wildlife Photography Prints

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Jay Ben Images provides attractive and useful decor items in the form of wildlife photography prints. A range of subjects and sizes can be selected online.

PRESS RELEASE: New York City NY, 10-JANUARY-2016 - Jay Ben Images and Jay Ben Adlersberg, photographer, is pleased to announce that the images he offers are in several different categories, one of which is wildlife photography. The images were gathered by the NY travel photographer during his extensive trips to locations around the globe. There are images of marine mammals sunning on the beach and exotic birds from throughout the world.

Images of cats sunning themselves in Leros, Greece and sheep in green meadows in Ireland are captured with the same attractive and detailed care. Reptiles are not ignored, as can be seen by the images of a Green Iguana on a tree branch in Costa Rica. The name of this creature is misleading, since it has orange, blue and brown coloration on its body.

Birds of every imaginable hue are captured in the prints. They are shown resting on branches, as well as in mid flight. Color is a featured element of each image that is presented in the online portfolio. Rich reds, bright emerald greens and the iridescent purple of a hummingbird in mid flight are the subject of the photographer's skills.

The prints of wildlife are available in a number of sizes, ranging from four inches by six inches, to as large as 24-inches by 36-inches. Those looking for accent spots on a wall, or for an entire feature wall are always able to find the right size of an image. An attractive frame and the right lighting makes one of these prints a welcome addition to the decor of a room.

Learn more about wildlife photography prints by visiting the web pages at http://www.jaybenimages.com/ today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press notice are encouraged to contact the photographer at the location given below.

Contact Person Name: Jay Ben Adlersberg

Company Name: Jay Ben Images

Address: 220 East 69th Street, New York NY 10021

Contact Telephone Number: (212) 876-1886 (D and E); (917) 622-4400 (M)

email: info@jaybenimages.com

Website: http://www.jaybenimages.com/



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