Jay Ben Images, NY Travel Photographer, Offers Magazine Quality Photography Prints

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Jay Ben Images provides a selection of prints with subjects from around the world. The prints are high quality and available in a range of sizes.

PRESS RELEASE: New York City NY, 01-MARCH-2016 - Jay Ben Images and Jay Ben Adlersberg, photographer, is pleased to announce that the photography prints offered by the online gallery are considered to be of magazine quality. This level of prints is well suited for framing. It is a decorative feature that adds to the aesthetics of any rooms or office spaces. The NY travel photographer brings his skills and experience to a variety of images.

The photographer has a collection of prints set in locations around the world. He has traveled in a number of locations and is noted for his travel books as well as for the prints set in these locations. Customers can find images from locations as varied as Greece and Patagonia, Ireland and the United States. Other print topics include birds and wildlife in their native habitats.

Choosing prints by Jay Ben Images allows for customers to create a theme in colors, locales or ideas. The prints are available in various sizes, and in color or black and white. Because there is a wide range from which to choose, customers can use the prints to build on a decor theme, or to finish off a room that needs a final touch. As new images are placed in the online gallery, there are even more options available.

The skills of Jay Ben Adlersberg have been noted in his award-winning body of work. His book on travels in Ireland is one example of the options which his images encompass. The prints can be ordered through the website in security and convenience.

Learn more about magazine quality photographic prints by visiting the web pages at http://www.jaybenimages.com/ today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press notice are encouraged to contact the photographer at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Jay Ben Adlersberg

Company Name: Jay Ben Images

Address: 220 East 69th Street, New York NY 10021

Contact Telephone Number: (212) 876-1886 (D and E); (917) 622-4400 (M)

email: info@jaybenimages.com

Website: http://www.jaybenimages.com/




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