How An Award Winning NY Travel Photographer Offers Coffee Table Books

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The stunning photography seen here showing the Emerald Isle is memorialized in a large, beautifully done coffee table book. This country is filled with scenery that ranges from peaceful to awesome. It is not surprising that a NY travel photographer with insight and talent wins awards for the coffee table books in which his photographs are featured.

Scenes along the coast depicting the powerful ocean waves capture the imagination. The pastoral scenes bring a sense of leisure to the human eye. It seems that all phases of Irish life are depicted, from horses to churches to ancient castles.

Words from famous Irish writers of all genres are intermingled with the scenes. For someone being introduced to Irish history for the first time, these words make the photographs understandable. For those who are already familiar it simulates a journey down memory lane.

Remarks on the content include saying it is the best travel book of its kind. Each of the pages capture the very spirit found in the country, with its rich history and its people. Past and present are both included. For example, the coastline is timeless and the buildings represent history from ancient to modern times.

The verdant grasses along the coast testify to the appropriateness of the name Emerald Isle. Quiet fishing villages lie in vivid contrast to details of the rugged cliffs on the Atlantic coast. The busy cities are sometimes a surprising contrast of the stonework of old buildings and modern ones such as the Spire of Dublin.

As the pages are turned, you are taken from Paleolithic monuments and ancient castles to charming pubs in many small towns. The landscapes bring you up close and personal to the places that inspired poets. This photographer has the ability to present Ireland and the other locations he focuses on come to life. The pages of any of his books comprise a treasure that is timeless.

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