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A new venture

October 04, 2014 - I've just signed up with a photolab through Zenfolio to begin to sell prints of my photos. I've engaged an internet mark...
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Croatia 2

September 29, 2014 - The photos from the trip are really wonderful. I had taken all the camera bodies and lenses and synchronized the optics...
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Buy prints here!

August 16, 2014 - I'm in the process of setting up a store on this website so that visitors can purchase any of the prints here in various...
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Medal for Ireland in Word and Image

May 31, 2014 - The medals were awarded my the Next Generation Indie book awards, and I was so proud to win one for The Best Travel Book...
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A prize for "Ireland in Word and Image"!!!

May 06, 2014 - "Ireland in Word and Image" just won First Place as the Best Travel/Travel Guide Book of 2014 in an international compet...
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Another presentation

February 28, 2014 - I was just contacted by another university club in New York City. They want me to give a talk about how "Ireland in Word...
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A new phase in my life

February 02, 2014 - After thirty years of doing nightly medical reports for Eyewitness News in New York, I left Channel 7 WABC-TV yesterday.
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New Getty license

January 01, 2014 - Really happy and surprised yesterday. Sold another image to Getty, one that is original and will be used for editorial....
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Awaiting word

July 18, 2013 - Still waiting for word on the shipping of the completed Ireland in Word and Image book. The air-shipped ones are due at...
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